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 Shirt skirt+pleated skirt, shirt skirt+suit pants, with distinct layers and full leisure flavor, can be fashionable and thin when dealing with the cold of lower limbs in the air-conditioning room.To make the design look more classy, first of all, we should start from the "color matching" that has the most visual impact. It is suggested that people should try to match the same color system. The advantage of this color matching method is little black dress increase the sense of coordination and create a high-level temperament.However, you should never think that you can wear a dress, bag or shoes with the same color. It is necessary to increase the sense of dislocation under the premise of unified and coordinated color matching, so as to be fashionable and advanced.

For girls with poor figure proportion, especially those with short legs

the primary purpose of dressing and matching is to optimize the figure proportion and create a figure of 30 to 70 points, which can be modified by relying on the high waist skirt.

This is a table.  

The high waist skirt is characterized by naturally improving the waist line, while having a significant waist shrinking effect. Visually, it can improve the waist line, thus lengthen the lower body proportion

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